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With a reputation for reliable consistent outcomes, Ian is held in high regard throughout the sugar cane industry.  He is professional in his responsibilities to managing and maintaining results.

  • Ian began working on ideas on how to improve the cane harvester to increase performance and produce a better quality product for the farmer and the miller.  These ideas and improvements would have less ground compaction which would limit the water run-off from the paddocks, which improves environmental impact.

  • With his own ideas and modifications to the machinery Ian has achieved a hands on approach to better managing of harvesting productivity.  This involves a consistent throughput of cane through the machine at matching hydraulic speeds to ground speeds, which has  achieved a better quality billet comprising in consistent lengths, less split ends, less stalling, less dirt, which results in a cost benefit of time, fuel and stool damage and is more environmentally friendly.

  • Uses the SCHLOT sugarcane management software program and has a SCHLOT Live monitor in the harvester cab.

  • An accomplished and professional cane harvesting contractor, with 38 years’ experience in the industry, Ian is confident, self-motivated and has a strong work ethic and positive attitude. 

  • Ian was awarded the 2017 and 2020 cane harvesting award from Tully Mill, a testament to his commitment to the sugar cane industry.

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