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Harvesting for Profitability requires knowledge and expertise.  With over 38 years’ experience and recognised by the industry as an expert in innovation and quality in the cane industry, Ian can provide the following services:

  • Consult with harvester contractors and cane farmers to educate them on ways to improve and better their current productivity and profitability, by working together.

  • Provide skills training for harvester operators. There is a need for a greater understanding of the difference between just driving a harvester and learning how to operate one properly to maximise production. 

  • Increase profit by reducing losses. Making the most of every crop, every year, with new innovative ideas.

  • Recognise potential problems and learn how to manage them before they become major issues.  Small mistakes can cause large impacts on profitability. 

  • Create objective to see the future of sugar cane harvesting improve to the point where millers and growers receive optimum results. Ian has extensive knowledge on how this can be achieved.

Primary Innovations Australia and Greenbelt Bio- Fertilizer.

Introducing farmers to Greenbelt to significantly reduce costs and provide a more environmentally friendly way to fertilize their crop.

  • Rejuvenating soil for increased profitability.

  • Reducing water usage, water costs and electricity by approx. 40%.

  • Improving quality of crop and increasing yields, achieving higher buy price.

  • Decrease nutrient run off from farms to reef.

  • All natural product, reducing chemical use and subsequent costs.

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