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In 1980 Ian started in the sugar cane industry.  Initially involved on the family farm working on ground preparation for planting which included manual operations such as ripping, ploughing, offsetting and rotary hoeing.  He had 10 years’ experience in haul out driving before taking over the role of harvester driver. 

Over the years as his experience in the harvesting industry grew, he realised there was a need for improving harvesting productivity.  Farmers were looking for a better return on their crop yields and less damage to their cane stool and paddocks.

In 2006 Ian successfully completed a 3 day Impact on Sugar Industry Training Program, where he worked on his ideas for harvesting improvements.  This training paved the way for him to continue to increase harvesting outcomes.

In 2016 Mission Harvesting adopted the SRA Harvesting Best Practice policies, and in 2017 commenced taking part in the SRA trials in the Tully area.  The company received excellent results which is a culmination of many years of hard work.

Winner 2017 and 2020 Cane Harvesting Award.


  • 38 years - Cane harvester operator

  • 2014 - Green star GPS operations

  • 10 years - Cane haul out operator

  • 30 years - Welding

  • 30 years - Spray painting

  • 1986 to 2012 - experienced operator tickets for forklift, bobcat, road roller, dozer, scraper, excavator, backhoe

  • 1990 - Licenced semi-trailer and body truck driver

  • 38 years - Experienced with ground preparation for cane planting, fertilizing, spraying and other farm activities



  • 1996 - Canegrowers USA Study Tour

  • 2002 - Canegrowers Workshops

  • 2006 - Leading Industries Project

  • 2006 - Qld Sugar Industry Impact on Sugar Industry training program

  • 2016 - SRA Harvesting Best Practice

  • 2017 - SRA Trials


  • Complete Business Solutions

  • Primary Innovations Australia

  • Leading Industries / Impact on Sugar

  • COFCO/Tully Sugar

  • Tully Canegrowers

  • Sugar Research Australia

  • BSES

  • Innisfail Cane Growers

  • MSF Sugar/South Johnstone Mill

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