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The founding philosophy of Mission Harvesting was to provide Tully farmers with a better profitability margin for their crops and to lessen the damage to their paddocks.  Sustaining yields for future cropping makes for a better income for farmers, millers and the harvester contractors. 

Since its inception in 2014, Mission Harvesting has recorded consistent statistics with Tully Sugar Mill, resulting in being awarded the Cane Quality Award for 2017.and 2020, and consistently finishes in the top 5 harvesters for cane quality every year.

CONSULTING to Farmers and Mills

Mission Harvesting specialises in cutting edge performance in harvesting the annual sugar cane crops. Consulting with farmers, millers, productivity boards and other contractors and ways to implement effective and innovative cutting methods and improved business performance and has participated in the SRA trials throughout the years of harvesting in the Tully area.

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